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Almost half the world โ€” over three billion people โ€” live on less than $2.50 a day. Avicenna Vision, a registered Canadian non-profit organization, provides a platform for aspiring individuals to fight global poverty by donating time, skills and resources.

Avicenna Visionโ€™s approach is unique as we utilize 100% of the donations in creating self sufficient grass roots projects.

Current Projects

Sahara Children’s Home โ€“ Providing food, shelter and access to education for orphaned children in Kathmandu

United Mission Hospital Tansen โ€“ Improving medical care in impoverished rural Nepal

Sri Lanka Medical Clinic โ€“ Constructing a medical/dental clinic in Galle serving children orphaned by 2004 Tsunami

Tansen Microcredit Project – Providing small interest free loans to support local grass root projects in rural Nepal