Charity Projects


Amongst the poorest countries in the world, half of Nepal’s population lives below poverty line and average income is less than $200 a year. Only 15% of the Nepalese have access to health services. Nearly half the children in Nepal are under weight. Nepal’s literacy rate is only 45.2%.

During a volunteer medical mission to Tansen, harsh realities of poverty in rural Nepal became the driving force for establishment of Avicenna Vision back in 2008. Since then Avicenna Vision has been involved with 3 separate projects aimed at improving quality of life for children and rural Nepalese.

Charity Projects in Nepal

  • Sahara Children’s Home Our goal is to provide food, shelter, clothing and other basic supplies to orphans, homeless and needy children in Lalitpur, a city in central Nepal, where thousands of children are reported to be orphaned or homeless.
  • Tansen Mission Hospital Avicenna Vision offers financial and hands-on support to Tansen Hospital, which provides crucial medical, surgical, obstetrical and pediatric care for the underprivileged population of the region.
  • Tansen Microcredit Project We are working to provide small interest free loans to support local grass roots projects in Tansen and surrounding villages. This support is aimed at promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability for local businesses.

Sri Lanka

Prior to the 2004 tsunami, about 5 million Sri Lankans were living below the poverty line of US$12 per person monthly. Another 3 million people survived on the equivalent of US$15 per person monthly. According to the World Bank estimated number of poor living in the rural areas was 4 million representing almost one third of the total rural population of Sri Lanka. The 2004 tsunami resulted in more than 38,000 deaths 40% of which were children. Hundreds of thousands of people were driven into poverty. Many children were left orphaned in the wake of this catastrophe.

Charity Projects in Sri Lanka

  • Sahana Children’s Village, located in southern Sri Lanka, provides access to healthcare, nutrition, and education for children of families affected by the 2004 Tsunami. Avicenna Vision is currently raising funds for construction of a medical/dental clinic in this village.