Who We Are

Avicenna Vision, a registered Canadian charity (BN 837723493), formed in 2008, provides a platform for aspiring individuals to fight global poverty by donating time, skills and resources.

Our Team

Avicenna Vision invites all individuals aspiring to end global poverty to share their visions, knowledge and skills with us.

Avicenna Vision Directors:

Hossein Shayan is co-founder and president of Avicenna Vision. A Canadian Cardiovascular surgeon by training, his work as a volunteer surgeon in Nepal (Tansen Mission Hospital) and South Africa was the inspiration behind the creation of Avicenna Vision.

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Mazyar Ghaffari is co-founder and CEO of Avicenna Vision. He is currently completing his PhD in the field of cancer research. His previous involvement with non-profit organizations and microcredit projects (Niiki Foundation) has been instrumental in the creation of Avicenna Vision.

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