Sahana Children’s Village

Avicenna Vision has joined efforts with AIM International Aid (AIMIAS), a non-profit based out of British Columbia, Canada, to build a medical/dental clinic in the Sahana “Children’s Village” in Akmeemana – a town in the southern province of Galle. The concept behind this village is to create a safe, stable environment in which the basic needs of children are met. These include access to healthcare, nutrition, education and recreation. The primary beneficiaries will be up to 800 children from 380 tsunami affected families who have already been provided with homes in the surrounding area. Additionally, children of poverty stricken families in surrounding villages will also be able to make use of the facilities at the Children’s Village.

The funds collected by Avicenna Vision will be used by AIMIAS and their agent in Sri Lanka to complete the construction of a Medical/Dental Center. Clinics and health education classes will be run on a weekly basis with the help of doctors and medical staff of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, in Galle.

We will also be providing volunteer opportunities to work at the Nutrition and Medical Dental Centre.